Why should I Join the DSVO?

We are looking for exceptional individuals that want to join our organization with the purpose of expanding our community. At the DSVO, we aim to grow as a diverse population comprised of students. We want the ability to build our community further while providing a forum for collegiality and networking. We understand that you are busy as a student, which is why your studies are always first. We’re not just looking for “a few good men” like the movie, but rather people that want to leave our organization better than they found it. We offer our members access to many valuable resources that help you excel both professionally and as a student. There are many social events and groups of people our organization interacts with, and this provides our members with a forum to expand their network with business owners and industry leaders.

More details are available upon request as well as included with our new member packets.

Who can join the DSVO?

Only Veterans. Membership is guided by the Davis Student Veteran Organization (DSVO) Constitution and By-Laws. Currently, you must be a veteran enrolled at UC Davis at the undergraduate, graduate or professional schools. Military service must be verified by the DSVO board usually through verification of a DD-214 member 4 copy. Exceptions can be made. However, they must be approved by the board of directors or the president.

Who can participate in DSVO events or activities?

Veterans, Service members, Dependents,  Veteran Spouses, Affiliated civilians, and their families.